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Landing Craft Transport VL PGA 1
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Specification of

This vessel is built to BKI Class. Constructed following the rule of BKI about classification, Construction, Machinery, Electrical, and All of Equipment of Seagoing Steel Ship. Installed with Twin screw, two main engine, and equipped with three Auxiliaries, two for genset, and one for fire pump.

General Spec:
a.       Vessel type                        Landing Craft Transport (LCT)
b.      Builder                                  PT. Steadfast Marine - Pontianak
c.       Build                                      2005
d.      Class                                      BKI
e.      Flag                                        Indonesia
f.        Gross Tonnage                  318 RT
g.       Nett Tonnage                    96 RT

Pricipals dimensions:
a.       Length overall                   42.25 m
b.      Length Perpendicular     38.64 m
c.       Breadth moulded            9.00 m
d.      Depth moulded                                2.70 m
e.      Draft Final                           2.05 m

This vessel is designed for deep water and shallow draft operation

Crew and Accommodation
Number of Crew  10 Person
The internal wall used fire resistance material. For captain and Chief Engine Room using single bed with standard size and other crew room used double bed. This vessel is also fit with Guest Room and saloon.

Cargo Capacity
This vessel is constructed to load fresh water and Drill water for service Offshore Operational. The pump use sentrifugal pump with max. capacity 120 m3 / Hours Max. head 70 m and working pressure 10 Bar. The Cargo Hold divide in eight cargo tank that with water tight longitudinal and transversal bulkhead. Main deck covered with wood and prepared with loading cargo maximum 250 ton.

Air Conditioning
This vessel is fitted with air conditioner for Hot and Cold Climates

Wheel House
Special designed to incorporate maximum visibility all round. Remote control of Main Engine and Auxiliary Engine, Navigation Equipment installed on Wheel House

Navigation Equipment
This vessel is equipped with Radar, GPS, Radio Telephone SSB, Engineers Call, Radio VHF, Magnetic Table Compass, Clinometer, Barometer, Marine Clock.

Safety Equipment
This vessel completed with 2 Unit inflatable Life raft Capacity 15 Person; 14 unit Life Jacket for Emergency Condition; 14 unit Life Jacket for Working Condition; 2 Unit Lifebuoy equipped with self lighting and Line; 2 Unit Lifebuoy equipped with self lighting; 2 Unit Lifebuoy equipped with Line; 2 Unit Lifebuoy with no Attachment; 1 unit EPIRB including programming of Vessel Call Sign; 1 Unit Breaching Apparatus; 1 unit Fireman Outfit; 2 unit Buoyant Smoke signal; 6 unit Red Hand Flare; 6 unit Parachute Signal.

As per SOLAS Standard
This vessel is equipped with Hydrant and Fire Hose, one on Engine room and Two Hydrant on main deck at the front of Deck House, this Vessel is also equipped with Fire Fighting.

Equipment with specification:
-          1 Unit Wheeled Foam Portable Fire Extinguisher cap. 35 Litre.
-          2 unit Foam Portable Fire Extinguisher cap. 6 Litre.
-          6 unit Dry Chemical Powder Portable Fire Extinguisher cap. 6 Kg.
-          3 unit CO2 Bottle cap. 45 Kg

- 2 set Catterpillar Diesel Engine 3408-PC
Power total 2 x 365 PS at continuous rating Rpm 1800.
Fuel Cons (2 Engine Operation) 1920 Liters/Day

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